Pokemon Go Friend Codes List – June 2024 Worldwide

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Spread the loveLIVE Pokemon Go Friend Codes Available Hi, My name is Nadim and i am an author of Pgserviceshop blog, In…

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LIVE Pokemon Go Friend Codes Available

Hi, My name is Nadim and i am an author of Pgserviceshop blog, In this article i will guide you about Pokemon Go Friend Codes 2024. What it is and how to get active pokemon friend codes? Now, you can get friend of your choice on Pokemon Go game with the help of our compiled list of pokemon go trainer codes. Imagine levelling up more quickly than ever before, engaging in battles and trading with people from around the globe. We’ll look at how using Friend Codes can revolutionize your gaming and improve your social interactions with other Pokemon Go players in this article.

Friend Codes offer a special chance to interact with gamers worldwide and widen your circle of Pokemon Go friends, regardless of whether you’re an experienced trainer or just beginning your journey. Learn how to use Friend Codes to your advantage to uncover elusive Pokemon, dominate gyms, and win Raid Battles.

pokemon go friend codes

Discover the tricks to locating and adding friends with Friend Codes. Prepare to set out on a fantastic adventure with your new Pokemon Go friends and level up in ways you never imagined!

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Benefits of Adding Friends in Pokemon Go:

In Pokemon Go, adding friends has a variety of advantages that can significantly improve your performance. The primary benefit of having friends in the game is the ability to trade gifts. These presents may include priceless stuff like Poke Balls, potions, or even rare candy.

You can expand your item inventory and make sure you have a consistent supply of supplies to help you on your adventure by sending and receiving presents.

The advantages of adding friends, however, don’t end there. In Raid Battles, which are tense conflicts with strong Pokemon that call for a number of trainers to win, friends can also assist you. You can defeat Raid Bosses that you might not be able to beat on your own by working together with your buddies.

This gives you the chance to capture rare and powerful Pokemon that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

pokemon go friend codes

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How to Find Pokemon Go Friend Code and Share it?

The simple process of adding friends in Pokemon Go enables players to communicate with others, exchange gifts, and participate in a variety of cooperative activities. Follow these steps to invite peers to play:

1) Launch the Pokemon Go mobile application on your device. Ensure that your internet connection is stable for a seamless gaming experience.

2) Tap the avatar icon located in the bottom left corner of the primary screen to access your avatar. This links to your Trainer Profile.

3) Tap the “Friends” tab, which is represented by two beaming Pokemon trainers, from your Trainer Profile. This will enable the Friends section, which will display your current friend list (if any have been added).

4) In Pokemon Go, there are two methods to add friends: using a Trainer Code or a QR code. You can make friends by either sharing your Trainer Code or scanning their QR code.

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Option A: Adding Friends with the Trainer Code

To add a friend, tap the “Add Friend” icon.

You will be asked for the Trainer Code of the individual you wish to add. Trainer Codes are 12-digit numerical codes unique to each participant.

Enter the Trainer Code and then select “Send”, An invitation will be sent to the selected participant.

Option B: Including Friends via QR Code

In the upper-right corner of the Friends section, tap the “QR Code” icon.

Permit Pokemon Go access to your device’s camera in order to detect the QR code of the individual you wish to add.

Align the QR code within the frame provided, and the game will process the friend request automatically.

5) After sending a friend request, the other player must approve it to establish a connection. Once they accept, you will receive a notification and they will be added to your friend list.

6) You can now exchange gifts, receive bonuses, and participate in special cooperative events, such as raids and Trainer Battles, with the addition of friends.

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How to Create a Powerful Pokemon Go Friend Network?

To fully take advantage of Friend Codes, a strong Pokemon Go friend network is required. You can use the following advice to widen your network and meet other trainers who share your interests:
1. Actively make new acquaintances: Don’t be afraid to make new friends. Send them a friend request whenever you see them in a Raid Battle, in a Gym, or at a Pokemon Go event by using their Friend Code. You’ll have more opportunities for battles, trades, and gifts the more friends you have.
2. Interact frequently: It’s critical to communicate with your friends frequently if you want to establish a strong network. Send and receive presents, go on raids with one another, and fight. Not only will this deepen your friendships, but it will also give you access to priceless materials and experience points.
3. Become a part of your community: The ability to more efficiently plan raids and battles comes from connecting with other local gamers. To locate gamers nearby, sign up for regional Pokemon Go communities on Pgserviceshop website, Facebook groups or Discord servers. This will make it simpler to team up for raids and defeat strong Pokemon.

Keep in mind that it takes time and effort to develop a solid friend network. To get the most out of Friend Codes, be persistent in adding new friends and maintaining fruitful relationships.

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Receiving Gifts and Increasing Item Inventory Using Friend Codes

It’s a great way to expand your item inventory and acquire useful resources to receive gifts from friends.

Poke Balls, potions, revives, and even rare candies are just a few of the products that can be included in gifts. You may make sure you have a consistent supply of items to help you on your Pokemon Go adventure by accepting gifts from friends.

Open the gifts that your friends send you on a regular basis to receive prizes. It’s crucial to keep active and interact with your friends’ gifts because each one can only be opened once every day.

Also, don’t forget to send gifts to your friends. This not only enables them to expand their item inventory but also deepens your connection and inspires them to reciprocate by giving you gifts.

You can establish a relationship with your friends that is mutually beneficial and ensures that both parties gain from the exchange of resources by using Friend Codes to send and receive gifts.

The Value of Advancing Together with Friends in Raids and Battles

The opportunity to plan raids and battles with friends is one of the main benefits of playing Pokemon Go. Raid Battles are difficult encounters that call for a group of trainers to cooperate in order to beat a formidable Raid Boss. You can complete raids that would be impossible to do alone by working with buddies.

Planning and communication are necessary for friend raid coordination. Make sure to plan your tactics, assign positions, and schedule a meeting time before the raid.

By doing this, you can be confident that everyone is on the same page and prepared to defeat the Raid Boss quickly.

Having companions during combat, in addition to raids, can significantly improve your gameplay. Battles amongst friends are a fun and interesting method to gauge the strength of your squad, whether they are friendly contests with no stakes or competitive contests to demonstrate your prowess.

Additionally, it offers a chance for learning from one another, exchanging advice, and enhancing your combat tactics.

Bonus Suggestion: Establishing a Solid Friend Network

To get the most out of your friend list, send and receive gifts and coordinate raid and PvP battles with your friends. Additional benefits, such as increased attack power in Trainer Battles and discounts on trading Pokemon, can be unlocked by sending daily gifts and increasing your friendship level with others.

In Pokemon Go, adding friends is a fantastic method to build relationships, trade items, and unlock various rewards. Whether using Trainer Codes or QR codes, the procedure is simple and opens up a vast array of cooperative gameplay options. Don’t delay any longer! Enjoy the benefits of teamwork and camaraderie by adding companions to your Pokemon Go journey.

It’s crucial to include a quick statement stating that you’re looking for Pokemon Go friends and that you’re open to presents, battles, and swaps when you share your Friend Code.

This will draw in like-minded gamers that want to connect and cooperate with others in the game. Consider joining Pokemon Go forums or communities on social media sites where you can locate other gamers actively looking for friends.

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Pokemon Trading with Friends and The Advantages

Another fun function made possible by Friend Codes is the ability to trade Pokemon with friends. Trading enables you to trade Pokemon with your friends, growing your collection and maybe obtaining uncommon and region-specific Pokemon that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to discover.

pokemon go friend codes

Pokemon trading has several advantages. It mostly enables you to complete your collection, unlock rewards, and fill in any gaps in your Pokedex.

Additionally, there is a greater likelihood that traded Pokemon may evolve into Lucky Pokemon, which have higher basic stats and need less Stardust to level up. You may gain a big advantage in fights and gym defense because of this.

Simply go to your friend’s profile, select the Pokemon you want to trade, then select the Pokemon you want in return to begin trading Pokemon with friends.

Remember that trading costs Stardust, and how much you need depends on the rarity of the Pokemon and if it is a new entry in your Pokedex, among other things.

To take full advantage of this function and guarantee that you and your companion profit from the transaction, properly plan your trades.

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Pokemon Go Events and Challenges: Make Friends and Have Fun

Events and challenges are routinely held in Pokemon Go, bringing people together and offering uncommon chances for social engagement. You may have a more immersive and interesting Pokemon Go experience by connecting with friends through these occasions.

Events frequently bring about unique incentives, higher possibilities of discovering shiny Pokemon, and special Pokemon spawning. You can increase your chances of running across these uncommon Pokemon and getting worthwhile rewards by cooperating with your buddies.

Participating with friends can significantly improve your experience and improve your chances of success, whether it’s a Community Day, a Raid Hour, or a unique event connected to a holiday or in-game event.

Contrarily, challenges provide a competitive element to the game. When you complete challenges with friends, you can evaluate your progress, compete for rewards, and encourage one another to set higher standards.

Taking part in challenges with friends increases the fun and camaraderie of the game, whether it be a research challenge, a fighting challenge, or a team-based challenge.

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Pokemon Go’s Social Feature: Make New Friends and Join Communities

Making new friends and joining communities is one of Pokemon Go’s most rewarding features, in addition to its gaming advantages. People from all backgrounds have come together because of their shared passion of Pokemon Go.

You can widen your social network and meet like-minded people from all around the world by actively looking for and adding friends using Friend Codes.

You may connect with other players nearby and take part in group activities like raids, battles, and neighborhood events by joining Pokemon Go communities, such as local groups, Discord servers, or Facebook groups.

These groups frequently plan meetups, competitions, and other social events, giving gamers a venue to interact, exchange stories, and develop enduring connections.

Pokemon Go is more than simply a game; it’s a platform for social interaction, environment exploration, and joint adventures.

If you embrace Pokemon Go’s social component, you’ll discover that friend codes serve as a portal to a thriving and helpful community rather than just a means of getting something done.

How To Locate and Share Your Pokemon Go Friend Code on Reddit?

Are you a Pokemon Go enthusiast seeking to interact with other trainers and engage in epic gaming adventures? You need look no further! Sharing your friend code on Reddit is one of the best methods to expand your gaming network in the expansive world of Pokemon Go.

You can discover like-minded trainers, exchange gifts, and even engage in thrilling raid battles with them using this simple yet powerful tool. But how do you navigate the vast landscape of Reddit to ensure that your friend code reaches the appropriate audience?

Not to be concerned! This guide will walk you through finding and sharing your Pokemon Go friend code on Reddit, maximizing your odds of connecting with other trainers who share your passion for catching ’em all.

Prepare to level up your Pokemon Go experience and embark on thrilling excursions with your new gaming companions. Let’s get underway!

Why Sharing Your Friend Code on Reddit is Advantageous?

Sharing your Pokemon Go friend code on Reddit can significantly improve your experience. It allows you to interact with trainers from all over the world, opening up a whole new world of opportunities.

By sharing your friend code, you can receive and send gifts, trade Pokemon, and even engage in raid battles with your friends. It’s a great way to expand your gaming network and make enduring friendships with trainers who share your interests.

When you share your friend code on Reddit, you gain access to a passionate and active community of Pokemon Go players anxious to connect. This indicates that you are more likely to encounter trainers who are active, dedicated, and eager to embark on epic gaming exploits with you.

Reddit provides a platform where you can discover trainers who are just as passionate about Pokemon Go as you are, whether you’re looking for someone to tackle a difficult raid battle or simply to exchange gifts daily.

To get the most out of sharing your Pokemon Go Friend Code on Reddit, it’s essential to grasp the community’s rules and guidelines.

Verdict: Pokemon Friend Codes

With the ability to connect with friends from all around the world, unlock rare Pokemon, and level up more quickly than ever before, friend codes have the potential to completely transform your Pokemon Go experience. You may plan raids and battles, trade Pokemon, give gifts, take part in events and challenges with your friends, and more by adding them.

Friend Codes improve the social aspects of Pokemon Go by giving players a way to interact with other trainers who share their interests, make new friends, and join communities.

What are you still holding out for? With your new Pokemon Go friends, start spreading your Friend Code, make an effort to add them, and go on epic adventures. Gain experience points, capture uncommon Pokemon, rule gyms, and win raid battles. You hold the key to Friend Codes’ power. Take use of it to advance your Pokemon Go experience!

Frequently Asked Questions of Pokemon Go Friend Codes:

How do i find my trainer code on pokemon go?


1st Method: Launch the Pokemon Go app and select your profile image from the bottom left. This opens your profile page. Your 12-digit friend code will appear alongside your name.

2nd Method: From Pokemon Go’s map view, tap the menu button in the upper right corner. Then press ‘Add buddy’; your buddy code will appear at the top of the screen.

You can also locate your friend code by tapping ‘Add Friend’ while viewing your Friends list in the app. Your code will appear at the top.

If you’ve linked your Pokemon Go account to Niantic Kids or Facebook, your friend code may also appear on your profile in those applications.

What is a friend code in pokemon go?

The friend code is unique to your account and enables other players to add you as a friend in Pokemon Go. Share your code with your pals to trade gifts and battle together! Let me know if you have any other questions.

How to add friends in pokemon go without trainer code?

1) Nearby Players: Open Pokemon Go’s Friend List and tap “Add Friend”. On this screen, you’ll find a list of nearby players to add. Tap “Add Friend” next to their name to initiate a buddy request.

2) Facebook Friends: If you’ve linked Pokemon Go to your Facebook account, you can search for and add Facebook friends who also play the game. Tap the Add Friend icon and then select “Facebook Friends”.

3) Niantic Friends: If you have a Niantic social account, touch “Add Friend” and then pick “Niantic Friends”. Send requests to people who also play Pokemon Go.

Raid and Gym Interactions – To add folks you’ve recently raided or gymmed with, go to your Friend List and touch “Add Friend”. To discover them, select “Recent Interactions”.

QR Codes – In Pokemon Go, you can produce and share a QR code with your friends. They can scan it and easily add you without using a code.

Third Party Groups – Joining local Pokemon Go communities on Discord, Facebook, and Slack might help you meet players to add in-game.

While buddy codes are the most common technique, in-person meets or mutual connection via social media are also effective ways to make new friends without trainer code. Thank you.


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