Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters: How To Defeat Arlo Everytime?

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Spread the loveThe Ultimate Guide to Beating Team Rocket Leader Arlo in Pokémon GO As a seasoned Pokémon GO trainer, you’ve probably…

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The Ultimate Guide to Beating Team Rocket Leader Arlo in Pokémon GO

As a seasoned Pokémon GO trainer, you’ve probably come across the enigmatic Team Rocket Leaders like Arlo, who take over PokéStops and challenge players to combat.

Arlo’s formidable squad of shadow Pokémon can make defeating him difficult. This detailed tutorial will bring you through the best counters to defeat Arlo decisively every time.

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Who is Arlo, The Leader of Team GO Rocket?

Arlo, along with Cliff and Sierra, is one of the three infamous Team Rocket Leaders. As high-ranking members of the nefarious organization, these leaders aim to take trainers’ Pokémon and use shadow technology to make them even more dangerous.

Arlo’s dark skin tone, spiky teal hair, and sly personality set him apart from the rest of the Team Rocket Grunts. After you’ve defeated six Grunts, you’ll be able to take on one of the difficult Leaders.


Deciphering Arlo’s Shadow Pokémon Team

Arlo will taunt you before dispatching a randomized team of three shadow Pokémon. The first two Pokémon will show you how to exploit type vulnerabilities. Arlo’s potential first and second choices are as follows:

• Shadow Growlithe (Fire element)

• Poisonous Shadow Ekans

• Shadow Scyther (Bug)

• Shadow Omanyte (type Rock/Water)

• Shadow Bagon (Dragon)


Arlo will switch to one of three formidable shadows to finish the battle once you beat the first two Pokémon:

• Salamence Shadow

• Dragonite of Shadow

• Gardevoir, Shadow


These three big hitters all have three flaws that you can exploit in fight for devastating results. Let’s look at the best counters and attacks for defeating Arlo regardless of which Pokémon he uses.


Finding Arlo’s Flaws: The Best Type Matchups

The main approach for challenging any Pokémon fight is to take advantage of type advantages. Some varieties deal more damage than others. Arlo’s prospective Pokémon have the following type weaknesses that you can exploit:

• Fire is vulnerable to ground, rock, and water

• Poison: Ground Weakness, Psychic

• Bug: Fire, Flying, and Rock Resistance

• Weakness to Grass, Electric, Fighting, Ground

• Dragon: Dragon, Ice, and Fairy are all weak to it.

• Fairy: Poison and Steel are her weaknesses.

As you can see, Ground, Rock, and Ice types are great choices against a large portion of Arlo’s Pokémon pool. Let’s now look at the best particular counters to each of his shadow creature selections.

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Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters

Best Counters for Shadow Growlithe

Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters

Shadow Growlithe, the ferocious puppy, despises Rock, Ground, and Water opponents. Excellent counters are:

• Rhyperior – Rock Wrecker + Mud-Slap

• Swampert – Hydro Cannon + Mud Shot

• Garchomp – Earth Power + Mud Shot

Rhydon Mud-Slap + Surf


These Ground and Water animals can survive Fire moves while unleashing devastating Charged Attacks on Growlithe’s health.


How To Deal with Shadow Ekans?

Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters

Poisonous Shadow Ekans may startle you, yet it is defeated by Psychic and Ground enemies such as:

• Mewtwo – Psystrike + Psycho Cut

• Metagross – Psychic Headbutt + Zen Headbutt

• Garchomp – Earth Power + Mud Shot

• Mud-Slap + Earth Power – Golurk

Rhydon Mud-Slap + Surf


Ekans’ defences crumble in the face of these heavy hitters with devastating Charged techniques.


Strategies for Defeating Shadow Scyther

Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters

The mantis-like Shadow Scyther succumbs to Rock techniques four times in a row:

  • Rampardos – Smack Down + Rock Slide
  • Tyranitar – Smack Down + Stone Edge
  • Terrakion – Smack Down + Rock Slide
  • Aerodactyl – Rock Throw + Rock Slide


Furthermore, Fire and Flying attackers such as Moltres, Entei, and Honchkrow easily defeat Scyther by exploiting its Bug/Flying Type combo weakness.


Shadow Omanyte’s Defeat

Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters

This fossilized opponent is destroyed by Grass and Electric animals such as:

• Tangrowth – Vine Whip + Power Whip

• Venusaur – Frenzy Plant

• Electivire – Thunder Shock + Wild Charge

• Magnezone – Mirror Shot + Spark


Omanyte’s dual Rock/Water weaknesses are no match for these Natural choices with brute force Charged Moves.

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Defeating Shadow Bagon

Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters

Mini-dragon Bagon is vulnerable to effective Ice and Dragon counters such as:

• Mamoswine – Avalanche + Powder Snow

• Glaceon – Frost Breath + Avalanche

• Rayquaza – Outrage

• Dialga – Draco Meteor + Dragon Breath

• Draco Meteor – Palkia + Dragon Tail


Bagon goes into everlasting hibernation as a result of Freezing Ice attacks. Users of Dragon Breath can also inflict punishment on the infant Dragon type.


Getting Rid of Shadow Salamence

Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters

Salamence appears to be frightening until you consider the Dragon/Flying beast’s weaknesses to Ice, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy:

• Mamoswine – Avalanche + Powder Snow

• Weavile – Avalanche + Ice Shard

• Gardevoir – Dazzling Gleam + Charm

• Togekiss – Ancient Power + Charm

• Glaceon – Frost Breath + Avalanche


Salamence knows Fire Blast, which can catch Ice types off unaware. However, the sheer strength of Mamoswine and Weavile still overwhelms the formidable Salamence.


Shadow Dragonite Solutions

Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters

Similarly, Shadow Dragonite is extremely vulnerable to effective Ice and Dragon counters such as:

• Mamoswine – Avalanche + Powder Snow

• Weavile – Avalanche + Ice Shard

• Glaceon – Frost Breath + Avalanche

• Palkia – Draco Meteor + Dragon Tail

• Rayquaza – Outrage


Because of Dragonite’s lone vulnerability to Ice, Mamoswine, Weavile, and Glaceon are ideal safe picks because they can withstand Dragonite’s assaults. Dialga can also survive moves when attacking with Dragon Breath + Iron Head.

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Shadow Gardevoir’s Defeat

Pokemon Go Leader Arlo Counters

Don’t be deceived by Shadow Gardevoir’s beauty; she shatters Poison, Ghost, and Steel foes like:

• Poison Jab + Sludge Bomb by Nihilego

• Poison Jab + Sludge Bomb by Roserade

• Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball – Gengar

• Bullet Punch + Meteor Mash by Metagross


Nihilego, as a Poison/Rock creature, can withstand all of Gardevoir’s Fairy and Psychic attacks for extended periods of time. Gengar uses his ghostly abilities to dodge moves while hitting fiercely.


Battle Strategies and Techniques

Success against Arlo is dependent on fighting strategy and move combinations in addition to proper type matching:

• Shield Baits – squander Arlo’s shields first with weaker Charged Moves before releasing your heavier assaults once his defences have been depleted.


• Increase Attacks – Have Pokémon such as Metagross utilise Bullet Punch to increase Attack. Alternatively, Dragon Breath users can fast charge energy.


• Resistances – Select Pokémon with resistances to Arlo’s attacks, such as Mamoswine, who can use Dragon techniques.


• Relobbying – Avoid multiple KOs. Retreat and restore Pokémon as needed to ensure that your best counters last through all three of Arlo’s creatures.

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With the proper namespace and movesets, conquering the enigmatic Arlo becomes much more feasible. Dominate all of the possible Shadow Pokémon he throws at you by focusing on their vulnerabilities to secure your triumph.

Remember to take a photo after you defeat Arlo so you can attempt to capture his fearsome Shadow Pokemons!

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