Pokemon Go Stardust Farming Methods: Get Lots Of Stardust

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Spread the loveHow to Get Lots of Pokémon GO Stardust: The Complete 2024 Guide to Stardust Farming In Pokémon GO, it costs…

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How to Get Lots of Pokémon GO Stardust: The Complete 2024 Guide to Stardust Farming

In Pokémon GO, it costs more than 300,000 Stardust to level up meta-relevant creatures, so grinding stardust is an important long-term skill that every serious player needs to learn. This complete guide talks about the best pokemon go stardust farming methods 2024.

Follow these advanced farming, hatching, catching, and collecting stardust tips to quickly get this valuable resource and power up your best creatures for all types of fight.

Know how to get 100000 stardust in Pokemon Go game, read full article.

pokemon go stardust farming methods

How Important Stardust Is?

To put it simply, stardust lets you improve the Pokémon you catch by:

• Adding extra CP costs 100 Stardust per point, and based on your level, it can cost 10,000 or more Stardust.


• Getting access to extra charged attacks, which cost 75,000 Stardust and give you great coverage


• Rerolling high-IV Pokémon costs at least 100 Stardust per trade, or 800 Stardust for legendary, shiny, or mythical swaps.


Because Pokémon go through CP levels that are tied to their Trainer Level, stardust gives them power and flexibility that you can’t get by grinding XP. Your productivity relies on how much stardust you have because you need millions of it to build a diverse Master League and Raid team.

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It’s Fun To Catch Wild Pokémon

Getting wild Pokémon always gives you 100 to 600 base Stardust per catch, even if you get any bonuses. When you throw a curveball with Nice, Great, or Excellent aim, you get some extra stardust.

Even though it’s not much at a time, constantly catching while moving adds up to a lot of stardust over time.

You can catch more than 500 Pokémon in just a few hours during events like Community Days, when spawn rates are raised.

Pinap Berries also double the yields of certain animals. When you run Star Pieces during this high-catch-rate time, you can easily get 100,000+ Stardust per hour.

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Trainer Fights and GO Battle League Games

You can also make steady stardust by fighting other Trainers and going through GO Battle League sets. Every match, you get at least 500 Dust. At higher ranks, end-of-set Stardust awards go up to 100,000 or more.

Walking for sets every day and hitting high ranks during seasons gives you big chunks of 200,000+ dust that add up quickly if you play PVP regularly.

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Reward for Adventure Sync

Using the Adventure Sync feature in Pokémon GO is a very overlooked way to get more Stardust. Links to Apple Health or Google Fit let the app keep track of steps taken even when the screen is closed.

Once a week, rewards are given based on reached distance goals:


25KM – 3,000 Stardust

50 km = 15,000 stars

100 km = 25,000 stars

More than 200 km and 50,000 stars


That could mean getting 100,000 free Stardust every month just for moving around normally! If you can get above 100KM a week with Adventure Sync integrated, you’ll be making a lot of idle income over time.


Eggs Hatching

In Pokémon GO, opening eggs now gives you a lot more Stardust:

7KM – 16,000 Dust

10KM – 24,000 Dust

12 km – 32,000 dust particles


Because the Incubator lasts forever in many events, you can use your free time to hatch 12KM eggs that you’ve saved up from GO Rocket Leader fights. Getting rid of Leader/Giovanni groups by killing grunts also gives you 12KM eggs.


Arrange Lucky Eggs before large-scale hatching sessions, and do this after adding kilometers for 6X XP on top of the Stardust as well.


Putting out Daily Adventure Incense

A source of Stardust that doesn’t get enough attention is the new Daily Adventure Incense. This unique item calls in rare Pokémon that you can only catch once a day. These Pokémon include Galarian birds, Unown, and local animals from all over the world.


Many of these spawns give more Stardust when they are caught:


● Unown – 1,000 Dust

● Pansage – 800 Dust

● Galarian Articuno – 2,000 Dust

● Galarian Zapdos – 2,000 Dust

● Galarian Moltres – 2,000 Dust

● Rockruff – 1,000 Dust


Since one Incense lasts for an hour, it’s easy to catch rare Pokémon that can only be caught with Incense while doing things like jogging and easily earn over 20,000 Stardust every day.

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Use the Stardust Bonuses You Get

There are times and events when you can get more Stardust bonuses to really boost your output:

• Special study: Some long-term study lines give you more than 200,000 Stardust when you finish all of your tasks.

• Stardust Spotlight Hour: Every week, you can double-catch Stardust during hourly events

• 2X or 3X Catch Stardust events, which are like Spotlight Hours but last all weekend

• On GO Battle Days, you can get three times as much stardust from PVP fights and end-of-set extras

• Raid Days are 6-hour raid events that give you an extra 3,000 Stardust for every epic raid you complete.


It’s possible to make 1,000,000+ Stardust over the course of several hours by clearing stacks of research, playing raid days very hard, and making the most of catch/hatch bonuses during limited events.


Mega Evolutions Should Be Used

At the moment, having an active Mega-Evolved Pokémon gives you twice as much candy. But soon, Niantic will update Megas so that it can also double-catch Stardust!


By switching roster spots to keep Mega Beedrill, Pidgeot, Lopunny, or other evolved Pokemon, you can keep the +100% Stardust buffer going. When Megas are used with increased Incense/Lure spawns and Pinap catches, profits will go through the roof once the changes to the game’s mechanics are made official.


Different Sources for Farming

Here are some other ways to get Stardust:

● GO Rocket battles: Get 1000 Dust for every Shadow Pokémon you catch

● New research every week: about 30,000 dust

● Special research quest lines that give you more than 100,000 Dust

● GBL prize pools: a chance to get 50,000 dust drops

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By fighting Leaders once a month and doing long-term study to get the most out of these extra sources, you can see big gains over time.

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Finally, Stardust is the most valuable item you can use to improve your Pokémon. There is no one way to get millions of stardust, but adding these catch bonuses, hatch stardust, PVP rewards, Incense spawns, and limited bonuses makes it easy to get 6-7 figures worth of stardust every month.

Out of pokemon go stardust farming methods what strategies do you find to be the most useful for farming stardust? Leave your thoughts in the comments to help other trainers speed up their Pokémon’s power-ups.

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