In Pokemon GO Game, How To Get 100000 Stardust?

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Spread the loveIn Pokémon GO, How to Continually Get 100,000 Stardust? For all Pokémon GO trainers, obtaining stardust rapidly is essential since…

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In Pokémon GO, How to Continually Get 100,000 Stardust?

For all Pokémon GO trainers, obtaining stardust rapidly is essential since levelling up premium Pokémon requires more than 300,000 stardust. The quickest and most efficient ways to consistently earn 100,000 stardust or more in Pokémon GO are covered in this article.

pokemon go how to get 100000 stardust

Why Do You Need 100,000 Stardust?

To put it simply, stardust gives you the energy to level up and trade strong Pokémon. Since many final evolutions require more than 100,000 stardust to reach maximum CP, gathering this valuable resource is essential to creating flexible rosters.

Optimized farming tactics can fast amass 100,000+ stardust every day, even though catching and raiding only pay modest increments of stardust. Let’s dissect the essential techniques that provide six-figure stardust gains quickly.

Methods For Getting Stardust:

1) Catch Bonanza During Events

A few time-limited events, like Community Days, which include species like Sandshrew, Machop, and more, significantly increase the likelihood of finding and capturing Pokémon. In these evolution-focused events, take advantage of benefits such as:

– 3x Catch Stardust

– 3x Catch XP (combine with Lucky Egg for 6x XP)

– 3-hour Incense and Lure Modules lasting 3 hours

– Mass Evolution XP bonus

Pokemon Go Stardust Farming Methods Available

You may consistently obtain 150,000+ catch stardust by capturing hundreds of Pokémon with superior throw Pinap bonuses within a 6-hour window. Hitting 200,000+ stardust is made possible by pairing a star piece to double rewards for the duration of the event. Thanks to brief spikes in capture, Community Days offer the finest chance to cultivate stardust in Pokémon GO.


2) Battle Points Earned in GBL Games

The premium rewards system in GO Battle League gives players substantial stardust for winning games.

The base earns more than 500 stardust per match, which rapidly compounds through sets and rankings to produce more than 150,000 dust per day simply for engaging in regular combat.

Hardcore PVP players have the opportunity to collect mounds of stardust that approach 300,000+ through furious play during special GO Battle Days that offer incentives like 3x Stardust payouts per battle.

Make careful to finish your daily sets diligently if you want to achieve a consistent $100,000 as a baseline.


3) Adventure Sync Hatching Rewards

The walking rewards system in Adventure Sync is a lesser-known source of stardust. Your app tracks every step when connected to Apple Health or Google Fit, giving out weekly dust for surpassing thresholds:

– 50KM Per Week – 15,000 Stardust

– 100KM Per Week – 25,000 Stardust


Also, important stardust is now produced by hatching eggs, specifically:

– 10KM Eggs: 24,000 Stardust

– 12KM Eggs From Leaders: 32,000 Stardust


As you defeat Team GO Rocket Leaders, you can hatch an abundance of 12KM eggs using the 50 free weekly Adventure Incubator. When paired with walking incentives, this makes 150,000 stardust possible every week.

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4) Ultra Unlock Bonus Events

The best opportunities to farm stardust are during Pokémon GO’s yearly Ultra Unlock events, when players can earn them globally by fulfilling specific challenges:

Lately, “Stardust Surplus” occurrences have been included in Ultra Unlocks, including perks such as:

– 3x Catch Stardust

– 3x Hatch Stardust

– Extra Daily Free Raid Passes


During week-long Ultra Unlocks, optimizing egg hatching, captures, raids, and PVP grinding consistently facilitates over 500,000 total stardust. Keep up with Pokémon GO on social media to ensure you never miss an Ultra Unlock time!


The Last Words On Perfecting Stardust Grinding

In addition to the top 100,000 stardust sources listed above, bear the following additional advice in mind:

– Double periodic dust rewards with Star Pieces

– Arrange for Lucky Eggs to be claimed before 200k research lines

– Use daily free passes to raid frequently

– Every month, compete with GO Rocket Leaders for egg possibilities.

– Adventure Sync strolling to get passive income


Pokémon require stardust to catch and level up, but if you play strategically during the right times, you may easily earn over 100,000 every day.

To reach your next power-up milestone, head outside and start making amazing throws on your next Community Day or Ultra Unlock!

Which stardust farming techniques work best for you throughout your Pokémon GO adventure? Comment with your knowledge to assist other Trainers in becoming proficient with this essential tool!


How to Continually Get 100,000 Stardust?

In Pokémon GO, leveling up elite monsters requires more than 300,000 stardust, therefore gathering stardust quickly is essential for trainer advancement. This in-depth article examines the quickest, most efficient ways to consistently earn 100,000 stardust or more in Pokemon GO.

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Reasons for Having Large Stardust Reserves:

To put it simply, stardust facilitates your ability to level up and exchange strong Pokémon through:

● Power Ups Adding CP: Each level costs between 100 and 10,000+ dust

● Opening Up Additional Charge Motions: A Fixed 75,000 dust cost

Trading more robust IV rerolls: each ordinary transaction must include at least 100 dust.


Reaching the pinnacle of evolution may require more than 225,000 stardust. Compiling adaptable raid and Master League rosters is contingent upon obtaining this invaluable asset.

Although raiding and catching only yield modest dust increments, playing strategically during crucial times allows you to collect more than 100,000 every day.

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