Europe’s Organized Play Events Now Include Pokémon GO

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Spread the loveAll Pokemon Go trainers have good news today, From now Pokemon Go is officially joins local shops for conducting organized…

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All Pokemon Go trainers have good news today, From now Pokemon Go is officially joins local shops for conducting organized pokemon go events. It is similar to pokemon card events that takes place at your local shops from time to time. But now, it is officially from the Niantic side. So, it would have more bigger tournaments and rewards.

Get excited right? Yes, you should be, because this is happening for the first time that Niantic is collaborating with the local retail shops for players events.

pokemon go europe

Participating in a Pokémon GO event is a great way for Trainers to network with others in the area, learn new techniques, and compete for exclusive prizes and Travel Awards.

are regularly scheduled tournaments that take place at game stores as part of Play! Pokémon events. These are local, small-scale tournaments where you can test your skills against other players of Pokémon GO and learn the basics of battling.

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The Pokémon GO League Cups are more substantial tournaments than the GO League Challenges and are held at the same locations regularly.

Trainers can earn Championship Points and hone their skills for larger Pokémon GO tournaments by competing in League Cups.

Now, the most common question raised in your mind i.e.,:

How to search local organized events near your retail shop?

  • You can simply visit to this webpage developed by Niantic: CLICK HERE
  • Open above link and enter your postcode.

pokemon go europe

  • You will get championships events organized in your postcode.

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pokemon go europe

  • Select the tournament and get the event details to participate for the same.

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That’s all, this is complete info about the new move by Niantic. Thank you for visiting pgserviceshop. Bookmark our website for all latest pokemon news and bonus offers.

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