The Ultimate Guide To Shundo Pokemon Go – Tips & Tricks

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Spread the loveThe ultimate guide to Shundo Pokemon Go: Dedicated Pokémon Go trainers are constantly on the lookout for the most powerful,…

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The ultimate guide to Shundo Pokemon Go: Dedicated Pokémon Go trainers are constantly on the lookout for the most powerful, prestigious specimens to showcase in gyms or raids. However, few Pokémon attain the pure grandeur of receiving the rare “shundo” distinction, which combines perfect 4-star IVs with the attack boost of being shiny. Let’s go over all you need to know about these ultra-rare shundo Pokémon, including how to get your own!

All Things You Need To Know About Shundo Pokémon in Pokémon Go

shundo pokemon go


What is Shundo Pokemon?

A shundo, or “shiny hundo,” is a Pokémon with both a shiny form and 100% perfect 15-15-15 IVs. Some also refer to them as “shundred” Pokémon. This dual combo is extremely rare and coveted. Shiny Pokémon have a glittering alternative hue, and faultless 15 IVs equals the highest battle power potential when completely leveled up.

However, by doubling up on these already low chance features, a shundo Pokémon spawns with an incredibly low likelihood when compared to other Pokémon. Exact species rates vary according to availability.

shundo pokemon go


However, without manipulation, trainers might expect shundo odds of as low as 1 in 65,536! Shundos are valued trophy specimens that every collector hopes to catch one day due to their extreme scarcity.

Now let’s look at how shundo Pokémon increase battle performance, what factors impact discovering shundos, and how hunters might improve their capture odds over time.


Why Are Shundo Pokémon So Powerful?

At first glance, shiny Pokémon appear to be primarily cosmetic treasures. However, shundos combine this reputation with genuine superior fighting ability thanks to their optimal IV numbers, which translate to increased overall Combat Power at level 40 or when powered up to 50. Here’s how perfect IVs impact performance:

  • Attack: Higher attack IVs directly increase damage output for Fast/Charged Moves.
  • Defense: Increased defense allows a Pokémon to withstand more harm before fainting. It is critical for tanks.
  • HP: When powered on, Maximized HP IV produces the greatest potential Hit Point total.

When all three IV categories are perfect 15, the Pokémon gains 40 to 45 CP more than the same Pokémon with zero IVs in each category. While this may not seem like much, at higher levels, it might mean the difference between taking down gyms faster and surviving longer against raid bosses.

On top of raw numbers, hitting specific defense and HP values with certain IV combinations known as “breakpoints” and “bulkpoints” periodically improves HP enough to withstand further opponent Charged Attack or Fast Move damage. Shundo Pokémon will automatically achieve these thresholds.

Meanwhile, shinies provide no discernible fighting advantages – but they do terrify opponents and impress onlookers with their sparkling colors! When combined into exceedingly rare shundos, trainers get the best of both worlds: excellent IV battling potential and shiny bragging rights!

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Methods for Finding Shiny Pokémon

Now that the strength and prestige of shundos are obvious, trainers must learn how to find shinies as the first step toward discovering these white whales.

Increase Shiny Checks

shundo pokemon go

Standard wild Pokémon have a one in 500 chance of randomly spawning as shiny varieties. This involves inspecting as many Pokémon as possible till a shiny one appears. Playing events like Community Days with increased shiny rates improves probabilities across hundreds of encounters.

Use Shiny Lures or Incense

Special items such as Glacial, Mossy, Magnetic, Rainy, and other Limited Research lures can increase the chances of spawning shiny Pokémon by up to 1 in 150. Incense during events such as the August 2022 Bug Out event had higher incense-specific shine rates. Use these to force more checks.

Raid Repeatedly

Sponsored gym raids frequently offer a variety of Pokémon with a predetermined 1-in-20 shiny rate. Repeatedly facing iconic Pokémon like the Kanto bird trio, Machop, Gengar, or event-centric Pokémon in raids provides collectors with many opportunities per day at set shiny odds that are significantly higher than random spawning.

Trade with Lucky Friends

shundo pokemon go

Lucky Friend status ensures that both trainers acquire a Lucky Pokémon through trading, which has strong IVs and a one-in-64 chance of spontaneously becoming shiny. Only true friends can become Lucky Friends through everyday encounters, so form long-term friendships!

Use Shiny Analysis Tools

External tools such as Poke Genie provide server-side analysis of Pokémon spawn batches to detect whether a specific crop contains a shiny. While still random, this enables for exact inspection of only the known shiny possibility batch, saving tons of typical checks. Integrate for efficiency.

To summarize, continue catching, raiding, and friending actively throughout events, use game enhancements, and employ external data sources to maximize shiny encounters across several acquisition channels.


Hunting Strategies for Finding Shundo Pokémon

Catching a random wild shundo is really improbable. However, much as competent trainers plan efficient shining hunts, a similar process is used to purposely uncover these dual rarity gems. Let’s look at some tried and true strategies:

Target Event Spawns

Certain occasions, such as Community Days, Spotlight Hours, Raid Days, and special spawn celebrations, involve specific Pokémon spawning in large numbers. Checking hundreds of the same Pokémon type increases the likelihood that one will hatch shiny and have flawless evaluation IVs.

Raid High IV Legendaries

Many Legendary raid bosses require a minimum IV appraisal of 10/10/10. While still extremely unpredictable, continuously raiding the same species provides collectors with several lottery tickets for a chance at the twin jackpot 15 ATK/DEF/HP perfect shine. Ho-Oh, Rayquaza, and Mewtwo have had a lot of lucky shundo winners over the years.

Trade Lucky Pokémon

We discussed trader buddies obtaining Lucky Friend status before, with a 1 in 64 shining chance. All lucky trades have an IV floor of 12/12/12. While luck is still required, trading high IV meta Pokémon (or babies who cannot flee) for IV rerolls can result in fortuitous shundos.

Use IV Checkers

External programs, such as PokeGenie and CalcyIV, identify wild spawns with perfect IVs in the same way that shinies can be found. Syncing to track IVs in real time allows for instant spot checks and fast catching of valued 4-star hundo level Pokémon, followed by a closer inspection to determine whether fortune strikes twice.

In summary, take advantage of in-game events that already significantly increase shiny probabilities, target raid legendary IV floors, trade with lucky buddies, and use external analysis tools to filter out shundo check opportunities.


Evolving and Powering Up Shundo Pokémon

The ultimate goal after getting a desired shundo Pokémon is to level up your treasured acquisition to its highest combat rating potential. Let’s look at important power-up mechanics and pricing.

Be wary when evolving

Before you hit the evolve button, be sure your shiny 100% Pokémon is the version you desire. For species with branched evolutions, such as Eevee, Poliwhirl, and Slowpoke, employ naming techniques or evolution items to get the desired end form. Trading a less desirable one could cost you a shundo forever!

Always max out CP level

A level 35 weather-boosted shundo is indeed powerful. True collectors, however, go above and above! Use your Stardust stockpile to gradually increase your CP and damage performance up to Player Level +2 and beyond.

Teach Exclusive Event Moves

Many historical event-exclusive Charged Attacks, such as Psychic for Mewtwo, Blast Burn for Charizard, and Hydro Cannon for Swampert, are far greater raid attackers than ordinary movesets. Use Elite Charge TMs or wait for event reruns to permanently teach your shundo these important meta moves.

Add a second charge attack

Spending up to 75,000 Dust on a bonus Charged Move improves type coverage against more foes. Transform your Dark Pulse Tyranitar into a multifaceted Ghost and Psychic counter. Stone Edge can also be used to enhance Thunder on Zapdos, which addresses Flying vulnerabilities.

Maximize the Best Buddy CP Bonus

Going Best Buddy increases CP+1 level above regular caps. Combined with flawless IVs and pure offense movesets, even small Great and Ultra League specimens can achieve #1 stat product PvP rankings!

In conclusion, carefully evolve only your ideal form, persistently power up over time to maximize CP potential, invest elite TMs for exclusive moves, fill both charge slots, and Best Buddy boost.


Why Appraise and Document Shundo Pokémon?

Aside from growing and leveling up shundos, collectors should make a habit of properly appraising and documenting their prized finds. Here’s why it matters:

Confirm IVs Before Transfer

It is totally catastrophic to accidentally transfer a shundo rather than a lesser version. ALWAYS double-check assessments before transferring several copies of valuable meta Pokémon, trade fodder, or mass evolutions. Spare pidgeys could be hiding shundos!

Appraise displays exact IVs

Standard in-game evaluations only provide IV percentage ranges. However, utilizing CalcyIV or PokéGenie delivers the exact 15-15-15 values required to firmly verify shundo status without debate. Take these down as physical proof.

Screenshot the Catch Sequence

Pose your trainer avatar with the shundo in the upper corner for a catch screen result! Fans adore seeing that historic, ultra-rare catch sequence! Bonus credibility if the Pokémon escapes on the first shaking before being caught.

Post Shundos on Social Media

The ultimate flex for shundo collectors is posting their achievements on community platforms such as local Discord servers, Reddit, TSR, and Instagram. Tagging real-life friends rather than arbitrary groups also makes the Pages snapshot more intriguing!

Rigorously validate IVs prior to any transfer, visually document the capture, and excitedly share your accomplishments with people who are most likely to enjoy the shundo grind.


Shundo Hunting Community and Competition

Catching shundos necessitates extensive grinding. However, one factor that keeps collectors motivated is interacting with other shundo hunters in a spirit of communal competitiveness and one-upmanship. Let’s look at the most popular ways supporters interact:

Local and Regional Rivalries

Friendly competition motivates individual trainers and local communities as a whole to work harder during events and construct increasingly amazing collections. Regional servers even compete for criteria such as total Community Day shundo catches!

Shundo Checklists and Rankings

Dedicated hunters keep living checklists of every available species, known as shundos, across generations. Trainers fight to fill vacant positions and climb the announced global leaderboard rankings for total variety catches.

Shundo Level 1 Collections

Shundo collectors that go all out pursue level 1 versions of Pokémon as shundos, which have only 10 CP! Extremely rare and difficult to obtain, as high-level wild spawns reroll IVs when the weather improves.

Share Hit Lists

To assist fellow trainers in obtaining shinies or hundos that they still require, groups publicly post extensive lists of specific missing species or regional varieties that they want exchanged to them if discovered. A generous and good habit.

In conclusion, shundo hunting thrives due to community competitiveness, rankings, extreme low level collections, and trainers who openly assist each other in filling lacking spaces throughout trades.


Final Tips and Tricks for Shundo Hunters

Finally, here are some suggestions and tactics I’ve learnt over the years that can help shundo trainers succeed:

⇒ During events, grind species candy XL simultaneously in case you hatch a surprise shundo baby species that requires significant future investment, such as Cleffa, Igglybuff, and others, to construct for PvP leagues.

⇒ When battling for Excellent throws, consider utilizing the aircraft mode throw reset exploit to retry indefinitely until you catch shundos.

⇒ 100% IV Pokémon spawn more frequently in partly overcast settings. Seek them out!

⇒ Promote gold gym medal status on eligible ex-raid gyms and sync EX wave triggers to increase your chances of winning the Perfect IV Mewtwo lottery.

⇒ Keep Silver Pinaps on standby if a shaking shundo appears for insurance catch bonuses.

The Shine and Hundo combination is the ultimate badge of honor for any Pokémon Go collector. We hope that this comprehensive guide to understanding Shundo rarity odds, hunting techniques, catching gimmicks, and community interaction will help fans get closer to getting their own perfect IV shiny legends!

What advice do you give for other gamers pursuing these white whale shundo catches? Please leave your knowledge in the comments!


Frequently Asked Questions: Shundo Pokemon Go:

Do Shundo Pokémon do better in battle?

Absolutely! While shinies provide no actual performance boosts, perfect 15 IVs result in improved damage output, defense, and HP when powered up. Together, this enables Shundo Pokémon to achieve higher Combat Power and unlock important “breakpoint” levels, allowing them to win more matches. Trainers employ shundos to scare and flex on gym defenders!

What are Shundo Pokémon, and why are they so rare?

A shundo is a Pokémon with a shiny form and 100% flawless IVs of 15 ATK/15 DEF/15 HP. Shiny Pokémon have a random chance of spawning in the wild at 1 in 500, whereas 100% IV Pokémon have a probability of 1 in 4,000. By multiplying these dual rarity traits, shundo Pokémon appear at incredibly low rates of 1 in 64,000! Special events may increase this slightly, but for most species, the 1 in 65,536 baseline shundo chance establishes them as ultra-prestigious catches.

How do folks get Shundo Legendaries like Mewtwo?

Hardcore players raid Legendary Pokémon in dozens of recurrent event cycles. Mewtwo, for example, returns to Pokémon GO Fest as a Giovanni Shadow reward, as well as special raid weekends and other events. After years of carefully farming Mewtwo raids, veterans finally hit the jackpot with a flawless IV flashy variation! Then they max it out for an unparalleled Shundo Psychic attacker.

How can you enhance your shiny Pokémon catch rate?

For the majority of species, the baseline bright odds are about one in 500. However, events like as Community Days and Raid Days briefly increase this to one in 25! You must grind spawns aggressively at these times. Safari Zones, Spotlight Hours, incense days, special lures, and the use of glacial/magnetic lures all increase the shine rate for their respective Pokémon. Lucky trading has an approximate 1 in 64 chance of becoming shiny as well.

What are the greatest methods for obtaining flawless IV Pokémon?

The baseline random chance for 100% IV Pokémon is 1 in 4,096. However, legendary raid bosses, Special Research awards, Team Leader battles, eggs, Lucky Trades, and weather-boosted spawns can help your odds. Target raid bosses with 10/10/10 or higher IV floors, such as Mewtwo, and raid them throughout event cycles, hoping for the ideal lucky hundo!

What method should you employ when seeking for a shundo?

Target events such as Community Days or species highlight raids with mass spawns of the same Pokémon to check hundreds rapidly. For example, grind Bulbasaur or Squirtle CD for a 1 in 25 shiny rate and IVS reroll when the Pokémon appears. Extreme Raid Challenges also require catching the Raid Boss, boosting IV lottery pulls. Use programs to filter 100% IV spawning as well, and hope eye inspection reveals sparkles!

How can you capture a shundo Pokémon without it fleeing?

The worst thing any trainer wants is to have a wild shundo spawn on their map and then see it run after breaking out of balls. To maximize catch chances, always employ Golden Razz berries and Ultra Balls along with outstanding curveball throws. Having gold medals, such as Dragon Tamer or Fairy Tamer, also increases catch rate by a few percentage points, which could make a difference!

What should you do before transferring more copies of Pokémon?

The horrific stories of trainers mistakenly transferring shundos continue to scare organizations today. ALWAYS check assessments before moving extras following community days or raid grinds. Flag duplicates for trading first. What appears to be 12 useless Squirtles may actually be a precious off-color 100% one! Check, double-check, and triple-check before that gut punch of remorse.

Why do people seek level one Shundo Pokémon?

The rarest shundo collectors seek level 1 versions with only 10 CP displayed. High-level weather boosted Pokémon have randomized IV rerolls, making level 1 hundos extremely rare. A level 1 shundo is extremely prestigious, especially when combined with enticing odds. Some enthusiasts just power up these level 1 shundos to max to show off how rare they are!

How do you show off your Shundo Pokémon to other players?

Shundo collectors love to share screenshots of their achievements on social media and local Discord servers. Pose your avatar with the shundo in the upper catch-screen corner. Perfect IVs can be publically validated via in-game assessments or external IV checking tools. Veteran gamers can arrange whole storage boxes by IV percentage to display limitless shundos in a single image!

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