Typhlosion Best Moveset Pokemon Go – All Info Added

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Spread the loveHere we guide you about typhlosion best moveset, typhlosion weaknesses, its basic stats, how to defeat typhlosion, and how to…

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Here we guide you about typhlosion best moveset, typhlosion weaknesses, its basic stats, how to defeat typhlosion, and how to catch typhlosion too. So, read full article for complete info about typhlosion pokemon.

Typhlosion is a fire pokemon which is evolved from Quilava pokemon whose predecessor pokemon is Cyndaquil. Typhlosion is vulnerable to water, rock and ground type pokemons and it is resistant to steel, grass, bug, ice, fairy and fire type pokemon.

typhlosion best moveset

Pokemon Go Typhlosion Best Moveset

Offensive Part:

The best offensive movesets of typhlosion pokemon are as follows:

1) Blast Burn: This is one of the best attack of typhlosion when attacking pokemons in a gym. This is a special community day move.

2) Incinerate: This most useful attack of typhlosion pokemon. It is more powerful than Ember attack.

3) Shadow Claw: Used against ghost and psychic type pokemons.

4) Solar Beam

5) Thunder Punch.

6) Overheat and Fire blast can also be result into best offense.

Defensive Part:

Kindly note that above all attacks can be used as offense and also as defense due to their strong base damage.

Typhlosion Fast Moves:

  • Shadow Claw
  • Ember
  • Incinerate

Fast moves can be taken for granted because it takes to take action in part of a second. So, you can win by making fast moves at correct time.

typhlosion best moveset

What is Elite Charge Move of Typhlosion?

Blast burn is the elite charge moveset of typhlosion pokemon.

What is Purified Charge Move of Typhlosion?

Return is a purified charge moveset.

typhlosion best moveset

Charge Moves of Typhlosion:

  • Solar Beam
  • Fire Blast
  • Overheat
  • Thunder Punch

How To Unlock Secondary Charge Movesets of Typhlosion?

  • Candy to Burn: 25
  • Stardust to Burn: 10,000

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Base Stats of Typhlosion:

Defense: 173

Offense: 223

Stamina: 186

HP Maximum: 158 at Level 40

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 79.5 kg

Maximum CP According to Levels:

Level 15: 1238 CP

Level 20: 1651 CP

Level 30: 2476 CP

Level 40: 2889 CP

Level 25 with whether boost: 2064 CP (raids)

Level 35 with whether boost: 2683 CP (wilds)

How to Get Typhlosion Pokemon?

Players need to first catch Cyndaquil and then evolve it into Quilava and then proceed to evolve into typhlosion.


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