Guide To Goodra Pokemon – Stats, Movesets, Evolution & Shiny Version

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Spread the loveKnow all details about Goodra Pokemon here: Basis stats, best movesets, weaknesses, how to evolve, how to get shiny Goodra…

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Know all details about Goodra Pokemon here: Basis stats, best movesets, weaknesses, how to evolve, how to get shiny Goodra pokemon and how to defeat Goodra?

Goodra is a very friendly and happy in nature dragon type pokemon falls under mid-tier series. When it hugs its beloved trainer s/he will be covered fully in its mud. Why goodra is so much in trend in June month? It’s because of Goomy community day takes place this month. The featured pokemon Sliggoo of this community day can be evolved into Goodra pokemon.

So, trainer hold your PokeBalls and catch em all! All Goomy pokemons to have maximum number of Goodra in future. Sliggoo is evolution of Goomy and Goodra is evolution of Sliggoo remember that. How to evolve from Goomy to Sliggoo and From Sliggoo to Goodra is given below.

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How To Get Goodra Pokemon?


Currently today on 9th June, 2024 Goomy community day event is there. Go for encountering Goomy pokemon in a wild. When found one feed it with razzberry and then use your curve ball with best throw and catch it.

After catching Goomy pokemon, evolve it into Sliggoo by using 25 Goomy candies. After that burn 100 Goomy candies on Sliggoo on rainy day season to evolve it into Goodra Pokemon. For shiny version of Goodra separate process is given below.

When Sliggoo Evolve into Goodra?

When its in-game rainy weather or you can use rainy lure module to evolve Sliggoo into Goodra by feeding 100 Goomy to Sliggoo.

Evolution to Goodra:

Goomy → Sliggoo → Goodra





















How To Catch Shiny Goodra Pokemon?

shiny goodra






Here is the process you should follow to get shiny Goodra pokemon:

1) First catch shiny Goomy version.

2) Collect at least 125 Goomy candies.

3) Now, Evolve your shiny Goomy into Shiny Sliggoo by using 25 Goomy candies.

4) Then evolve the shiny Sliggoo into Shiny Goodra by using 100 candies.

Thanks for visiting, keep in touch with us for many more evolution guide.

Base Stats of Goodra Pokemon:

Offense: 220 MX

Defense: 242 MX

Stamina: 207 MX

Maximum HP: 175

Height: 2 m

Weight: 150.5 kg

Buddy Walk Distance: 5 km

Level Wise CP:

Level 15: 1502 CP

Level 20: 2003 CP

Level 30: 3005 CP

Level 40: 3505 CP

Best Movesets:

-> Dragon Breath

-> Draco Meteor

Other Movesets:

  1. Power Whip
  2. Muddy Water
  3. Draco Meteor
  4. Sludge Wave


How To Defeat Goodra in Pokemon Go?

Here is the list of Pokemons with specific attack names which damages Goodra utmost.

1) Palkia: Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor

2) Kyurem Black: Dragon tail and Outrage

3) Kyurem White: Dragon Breath

4) Darmanitan: Avalanche and Ice Fang

5) Rayquaza: Outrage and Dragon Tail

6) Zacian: Snarl

This list of Pokemons and their moves is not exclusive, You can try another pokemons also. Let us know your victory story in the comment section below. Thank you, have a nice day.


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