Is Pokemon Go Changing Avatars? Know All The Changes In Detail

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Spread the lovePokemon Go Avatars Changed Worldwide Hello trainers, today there is one bad news for you all. From next update Pokemon…

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Pokemon Go Avatars Changed Worldwide

Hello trainers, today there is one bad news for you all. From next update Pokemon go creator Niantic has decided to change your pokemon avatars. There will be a complete changed in giving new looks to avatars. Although you may not like this as such old cool avatars (originals). Let us know whether you like this new change or not in comment section below.

With a massive update that comes eight years after the game first debuted, Pokémon Go is bringing a plenty of new features, seasons, avatars, graphics, and more.

We have explained everything regarding this update in this article, read full article for all knowledge. 

pokemon go avatar changed

Let’s watch the official video from Niantic regarding complete new rediscover update.

Latest Update From Niantic Regarding Avatar Change:

Simply put, all individuals are equal when none are represented. Forget your former self and any aspirations you may have had for the future.

Your butts and any trace of a consciousness that your avatar may have possessed have been eliminated. We have added long, alien-like limbs, unnaturally long torsos, enormous hands, and low, hanging groins to compensate for the losses.

Additionally, we determined that the facial structure could only resemble that of a Caucasian child; there was no allowance for a complementary skin tone.

By utilizing the newly introduced avatar customization feature, one can generate monstrous creations that surpass all imagination. Perhaps you’re even permitted to expose your private areas!


pokemon go avatar change

Official Pokemon Go Rediscover Video


What are The Changes in Pokemon Go Rediscover GO?

The first batch of updates to be released includes new methods to customize avatars in Pokémon Go. The original looks remain, but more extensive avatar settings and the Style Shop allow players to customize their in-game appearance to their liking.

But players are not happy with new avatar customization feature they more likes the old classic look. Users are commenting the horror, they are shouting that we didn’t ask you for this change and want to opt out from this update.

Now, let’s see if Niantic will considers this feedback from users and allows them to opt out from rediscover go changes. Share your thoughts on this in comment section below.

How Can i Change My Avatar in New Rediscover Go Update?

If you have enabled automatic updates, you won’t need to do anything because the new material will be downloaded as soon as it becomes available.

Here are some of the new avatar looks image and videos for your reference:


pokemon go avatar change pokemon go avatar change pokemon go avatar change

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